The Best Most Affordable Ring Light For Phone

The Best Most Affordable Ring Light For Phone

The best ring lights for cellphones are ideal for anyone who spends vlogging time, streaming or attractive in video chat online – or just to take exceptional selfie photos.

So, what exactly ring lights? This is just an external lighting accessory with a round shape and like a donut. One of their main characteristics is that they produce a flattering light, especially when photographing people or video videos, because they don’t throw shadows on the face – something that can reduce portraits or selfies.

You will often find it marketed as selfie lights or vlogging lights, but they all serve the same purpose – that is to produce sustainable light and spread that flattering many subjects.

Many ring lights can be used on some devices, and you will find a prominent model in our best ring lights guide – but here we concentrate on the best ring lights for cellphones.

Whether you use an iPhone or Android handset, the best ring lights for cellphones will improve the quality of your photos and videos, so read on our main choice.

What is the best ring lamp for cellphones?

Nanlite’s Halo 16C Bicolor and RGB RGB 16-inch LED Ring Light is the best ring lamp for the phone as a whole, because it gives you a lot of flexibility for money, while also strongly built.

This smart device allows you to change the color and brightness of light, and give you some ways to do it: you can change both light temperature and RGB value. It provides flexibility that not every light ring for cellphones can match. Expensive, but it’s also well built and will survive.

But there are other models that need to be considered, especially if you want to spend less or want something more compact and light. If so, consider the ultimate vlogging rotolight kit, which is a versatile accessory for your cellphone that acts as a mini tripod or the camera handle that is expanded for your cellphone and the ring lights are included. It comes with several light filters, so you can also adjust the color of the ring light to fit the ambient light you are working on.

At a very low end, price-wise, is a selfie clip-on xinbaohong ring lamp that can be refilled, which you can buy with only $ 10.99 but still has a positive effect on your photos and videos, even though it’s less dramatic than Top choice here.

View all our choices for the best ring lights for cellphones below.

The best ring lamp for cellphones that you can buy today

1. Nanlite Halo 16C Bicolor and RGB RGB 16-inch LED Light

Nanlite Halo 16C is the best ring lamp for cellphones, because of its flexibility and building quality.

You get a large number of settings at your fingertips, because you can adjust the temperature of the color of light, hue and brightness independently. We are very impressed with its ability to produce various types of light, including bright colored light, through RGB settings, which you will not find on each ring light.

What’s more, you can adjust these options through two touch pads, drag your finger up to select the desired output. This is an intuitive way to change the color of light in a very fine – or dramatic way. That said, to get a very precise setting you might want to invest in an optional remote, available for $ 12.99.

Nanlite Halo 16C well, with a smartphone bracket, mirror and brings all included – even though it’s not a stand. There is also a USB pass-through feature, so you can charge the phone while in the middle in the middle of the ring, plus default wi-fi so you can control it from other devices. Oh, and build very good quality – this is a ring light that will last a long time. It’s expensive, yes, but it’s worth expenses if you will use it regularly.

2. Ring lights 21 Inkeltech with Tripod

The 21-inch model of Inkeltech is a good value option in our best ring lamp for the telephone list, because it comes with a large tripod plus two remote and tote bags. The large diameter ring ring gives you a lot of space to position cellphones, cameras or other devices and also offer three mount hot shoes, complete with metal inserts to mess up the phone holder or other accessories.

Double long distance control is very useful, allowing you to adjust the brightness and color of light, without the need to be right next to it. But on the negative side, it does not have a wide range in the color temperature or RGB mode that you will find on the nanlite ring lamp above, and the tripod and ring lights itself can have a stronger building. However, at this price is a good ring light choice for your mobile.

3. Rotolight ultimate vlogging kit

As you would expect from the name, Rotolight Ultimate Vlogging Kit aims at the creator of the content that spends the days they make videos or streaming to YouTube and other platforms. And given a very reasonable price, it did a very good job at it.

One prominent feature of this powerful vlogging ring lights kit is that it is equipped with a mini tripod that can turn into an expanded camera handle. It is ideal for those who regularly switch between shooting in studio settings and capture recordings on the road. In Flipside, although you can change the temperature of the color to a certain extent with a filter, there is no way to adjust the brightness level. But if you are looking for something small and portable, this can be the right ring light for your mobile.

4. Raya Bendie-Brite Folding USB Ring LED Bi-color Lights (10 Inches)

Raya Bendie-Brite 10 inches is another good choice for anyone who wants to come out and about with their ring light – it’s small, light and best of all, folds in the middle so you can easily bring it into a small bag.

This is a pretty good player, especially considering that you can find it at a price of less than $ 50 online. It offers a decent amount of flexibility, so you can change the brightness and temperature of the color of the light, while the installation option includes a flexible phone holder that matches most smartphones and ball heads that mess up the tripod – even though you’ve had to provide it separately.

Like nanlite it has a touch sensitive control bearing to change settings, but in our test this is not right according to other models in its class.

5. ubeeesize 10 “Selfie and Tripod Ring Lights

Ubeeesize 10 “Selfie Ring Light and Tripod are other ring lights that – you guess it – comes with a tripod, in this case that is decent intercourse from 16 to 50 inches. This is not the most powerful you have used, but the tripod head feature 3 directions that give you a lot of flexibility over how you tilt it, plus a useful gauge and, of course, a smartphone mount.

You also get a good control over the light emitted, with the ability to change brightness and color temperature; As a further plus point, each of these settings can be selected through the remote installed with a USB cable included. It has no better control that you get in our pick top, but of course it needs to be considered that you should be able to find it at a price of less than $ 30. It’s a lot of kits at that price.

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