The Best Photo sharing Sites Of 2021

The Best Photo sharing Sites Of 2021

The best photo storage and sharing site is an important part of any digital photographer kitbag – whether you are a professional or just take pictures of your cat on your mobile.

Storage is a clear reason why you will use it; The best photography site gives you a safe home for all your digital images, protecting them against the risk of fire or theft or even just a hard drive failure.

But there are many other reasons to upload your photos to one of the best photo storage sites. For example, they can also make it easier to access your images wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection. And they can also act as a way to set up and edit your images and make it easy to share them with family and friends.

Many have free service levels, while others are directed to professionals who want to market and sell their photos online. Whatever your needs, it will definitely be a photo storage site for you; In fact, you might want to use more than one.

3 best cloud storage services for photos now

If you are not so interested in sharing, edit and set up aspects of photo storage, and just want a safe home for your digital image, you might better see the general cloud storage. You can see a complete list of our best cloud storage for a photo page, but we have entered the top three here if you want to jump directly to them.

What is the best storage site and sharing photos?

After testing all the main services, we think the best photo storage and sharing sites are Flickr. While the free version of Flickr has a 1,000-photo limit, a pro account is worth $ 60 per year, which gives you unlimited upload, as well as the ability to store videos for up to 10 minutes. Flickr has an excellent tool to touch photos and many marking features, so it’s easy to find your image. And, Flickr is superior in letting you share your photos with other people.

Android and iPhone owners who only want an easy way to back up their photos and videos each must check Google and iCloud photos. Two photo storage services are cheaper, and can save all your images in the cloud automatically. Plus, if you have a Google Nest Hub max or other smart display, you can synchronize it with your Google Photos account.

However, Google’s photo is no longer a lot. On June 1, 2021, you no longer get free limit storage. Instead, whatever photo you are uploaded will be calculated on your 15GB Google Drive storage limit, which includes not only Google photos, but Gmail and other documents that you have saved in the Google Cloud Service.

If your combined file exceeds 15GB, Google can delete that goes beyond the limit, even though the company says it will give a few warnings before doing it. Everything you keep in high quality or express before June 1 is safe forever, but whatever has been uploaded after the date of a non-pixel phone starts taking space. This is our guide to what to do when Google’s free storage photo ends.

Amazon Prime Members may want to check the Amazon Photos, which offers limitless storage with your primary membership, and has quite good tagging and sharing features. And, you can also display your photos on Amazon Echo Show. If you plan to print anything, we recommend using something other than Amazon’s prints. And if you choose between two services, you must find our Amazon photo storage vs. Google photos are useful.

1. Flickr.

Flickr is our choice of the best photo storage and sharing sites, thanks to a large amount of storage and a simple and clean interface that makes it joy to use. It remains the best choice for serious shooters. Flickr also offers many choices of tools, extensive marking features and support for viewing and downloading photos with various resolutions (including, extraordinary, options to offer the original size). There is even a statistical machine that allows you to track who see your photos, while the drag-and-drop system is very easy to allow you to set up photo albums and collection of photos from you and other photographers.

Since being sold to Smug mug, the company announces a 1,000 photo cap on a free account. If you update it to a pro account ($ 60 per year), you get limitless storage, the ability to see your image at resolution up to 6K, no ads and options for video streaming up to 10 minutes. Pro customers also get $ 35 from an order of $ 70 in the Blurb photo book service. (In our opinion, blurb is not too good, so check out our choice for the best photo book). You also get two months Adobe Creative Cloud for free (value of $ 20).

2. 500px.

Aimed at serious photographers, 500px offers designs that focus on images that place your photos in front and center, provide a clean and elegant way to display your best shots. You can set your image into a set (photo on a specific theme) and the story (photo event) that presents images in a very dramatic way.

The free version of this service allows you to upload up to seven photos per week, but you can improve to one of two paid levels with reasonable costs: usually costs $ 4.99 per month, and pro $ 9.99 per month, Even though the site currently offers discounts in the first year. Both offer unlimited uploads, plus the customization option and list in the Pro Directory of the site. Which choice you choose, 500px remains one of the best photo storage sites.

3. Google photos.

Google photo sharing services are designed mainly as a way to back up photos and videos taken on smartphones, but have evolved into one of the smartest software in all Google ecosystems.

Google photos use AI to categorize your photos, making it very easy to find you are looking for. Type “cat” for example and it will search through everything and find any relevant photos (which can be very much for some people). It will also identify people and group them together; After you give a group name, you can then search all photos that display certain family members or friends.

Now also editing services and a decent photo sharing. After you upload a photo, you can edit it by cutting and tweaking colors. After editing is complete, you can create a photo and video album that can be shared publicly or with certain Google users. In our Roundup from the best photo editing software, we named Google photos best to share. And, available for Android and iPhone users.

Google continues to add new features too. For example, if Google photos see that a particular friend is in your photo, it will offer to share it with them. It can also automatically color black and white images too. For more information, this is our complete guide to Google photos. If you have a smart look that is activated by Google Assistant, like Google Nest Hub or Google Nest Hub Max, you can also synchronize your Google photos with a display, so they will appear on the screen.

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