The Best Selling GoPro Camera Of 2021

The Best Selling GoPro Camera Of 2021

Choosing the best gopro camera for you is a complicated business lately, because the Gopro line-up now includes some very good models – and very different.

Even if you don’t put something older than HERO7, which isn’t, there are five models to consider, with a price difference nearly $ 200 among them.

GoPro is undoubtedly making the best action camera around, and has done it for years. As a result, the fifth of this model has something to offer a beginner action shooter: for example, all waterproof and can photograph 4K videos (or higher). But there are also some big differences between them, even outside the price range.

From $ 210 Gopro HERO7 Silver to $ 399 Gopro Max, we will compare each model, to help you decide which one is the best Gopro camera for your needs.

There is no question that Hero9 Black is the best gopro camera around. It offers these features as 5K videos, better motion stabilization, longer battery life, and the front facing screen that allows you to frame yourself when recording video or taking photos. The only drawback – if there is one – is it quite large. At 158 ​​grams (5.6 ounces), even heavier than GoPro Hero Max, 360 camera company.

Besides being a great action camera, there are several other things that Goprros can do. GoPro released software that allows you to use GoPro HERO9 and HERO8 Black as a webcam. This is how to use your GoPro as a webcam.

GoPro also launched Livestreaming for his hero, Hero8 Black, Hero7 Black and Gopro Max Cameras. However, to use this feature, you must be a Gopro Plus customer, which is worth $ 49.99 per year. This subscription also provides infinite cloud storage from GOPRO footage, camera replacement without questions, and up to 50% of Gopro accessories.

You also get a discount on the camera itself, if purchased directly from GoPro: The HERO9 Black, for example, costs $ 349 than $ 399 if you have a subscription. In fact, Gopro is currently running a promotion where the camera is worth $ 349 even if you don’t have a subscription, as long as you register for a free 1 year trial – which sounds like a pretty good deal for us.

1. Gopro Hero9 black

With GoPro HERO9 Black, GoPro not only takes criticism of HERO8, but also adds a much-needed feature: the look facing forward. This small screen now shows direct preview, making it easier for selfie artists and bloggers to frame themselves in videos and photos.

In addition, the HERO9 has a removable lens, so you can once again add filters, such as GoPro’s New Max Lens Mod, which allows you to take videos that are very broad and stable. It can also shoot up to 5K resolutions, and the larger battery will perform better in cooler temperatures. Our single criticism is that it’s quite heavy, so you will definitely notice it if you attach it to the helmet. But overall we still consider this as the best gopro camera.

Today’s GoPro promotion, which offers a free 1 year customer camera with a price minus $ 349, looks like a winner too.

2. Gopro Hero8 black

Until the arrival of Hero9 Black, Hero8 Black is the best Gopro camera as a whole. There are still a few kits today, and available for $ 70 less than newer models. Unlike the previous GoPro camera, GoPro Hero8 has a “finger” installed on the camera, which makes it a little easier to attach accessories. You no longer need to use a kasing if you want to attach it to the accessory, such as a tripod or helmet mount. Unfortunately, this also means that the case and the lens adapter that you have for older gopros will not function with this model.

Reset also allows new add-on “mod,” which increases camera functionality through an external microphone, lights, and more.

GoPro increases the stabilization of motion to make recording from the Black The Blightest Hero8 that we have seen from the action camera (until the 9 hero is at least), and the overall quality remains great

3. Gopro Hero7 black

Surprise surprise – Next on our list is Gopro Hero7 Black. This is the first GoPro action camera to include the ability to record 4K videos at 60 fps. Like the previous model, this waterproof up to 33 feet, has a 2-inch color touch screen LCD, and sound control. Although not as effective as HERO8 or HERO9, the stabilization of 7 hero images is still very good. Plus, it can be Livestream to Facebook using the Gopro application.

Because of the older design, Hero7 Black needs to be put in several types if you want to install it to anything. Now after the hero and hero9 are on the market, the Black Hero has fallen in price to $ 249 at an online retailer, but GoPro itself currently does not have stock, which means there is no possibility of taking it by subscribing to free. Therefore it makes Gopro Hero8 Black much better with only $ 20.

4. GoPro Hero Max

Even though it’s not the best Gopro camera as a whole, GoPro Max does have the point of the main difference from the others – that is, its ability to photograph 360 degrees videos. Unlike most 360 cameras, GoPro Hero Max has a small look on his back that lets you see what the camera views. Even though it’s useless as it seems, a large display is indeed easy to navigate and change Max settings without having to use your smartphone.

GoPro Hero Max also has a hypermooth stabilization feature, so your corrugated video will look good and smooth, and image quality from the camera – up to a maximum resolution of 5.6k / 30 fps – meet the high standard of GoPro. Plus, the Gopro application is loaded with features, including the ability to livestream videos from max.

However, the design of the Gopro Hero Max requires the use of selfie sticks, and does not have a mount tripod, so you have to use it with one of the Gopro accessories. Gopro subscription offers are also available here, and bring prices down to $ 399.

5. Gopro Hero7 silver

Gopro Hero7 Silver is the best GoPro camera if you want to spend around $ 200 on the action camera, but still want good quality videos. Like Pricier Goprros, Hero7 Silver has video stabilization, but it is not as effective. Also there is no look facing forward, so you have to rely on the back screen to find out how much time the recording is left, and how much juice is left in the battery.

The HERO7 Silver can shoot 4K videos, but you are limited to 30 FPS, which honestly will not be a big problem for most users. However, a waterproof camera up to 33 feet, can take a time hose video, and controlled by sound.

GoPro no longer sells this model directly, but you must be able to find it at retailers like Best Buy and Amazon for around $ 210.

What to look for when buying a Gopro camera


While all the best GoPro cameras (with the exception of max) share similar designs, there are some differences, especially between black HERO9 and older models.

With HERO8 Black, GoPro redesigning the camera so installation of “finger” – used to connect the camera to Gopro accessories – built directly to the bottom of the camera. In this way, you don’t need to attach a case if you want to install the camera to a selfie stick or another device.

However, unlike the previous model, the HERO8 lens cover cannot be removed; Other GoPro models allow you to take this section so you can install another lens cover, such as filters and the like. The Hero9 fixed this problem.

All GoPro models have a back view that you can use to frame shots and adjust settings. However, Gopro Hero7 Silver (and max) does not have an LCD facing forward, which on HERO7 Black and HERO8 Black shows your recording time, battery life, and more. Unlike the others, the front view of the HERO9 also acts as a viewfinder, which makes it easier to compose a shot with you in it.

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